Honest Conversation: for sale now!


40 days ago I embarked on a strange journey.  Given the content of the story, I find it ironic that my artificial deadline of 35 days ended up turning into a forty day journey… but that’s a story for another time.

Today I want to talk about my novel- my brave little book that is finally written.  It has all of the things that a novel should have- a start, a middle, an end.  It has them in the right order, as well as being possessed of a single cohesive storyline and a subplot that involves kissing.

I’ve discovered something.  Fiction is dangerous- it’s dangerous because you don’t always notice that you are being taught a lesson when you’re reading a story.  When someone is simply schooling you, you notice immediately.  And if they tell you something you don’t want to hear, you get defensive.  But when reading a story it feels safer to allow yourself to be questioned.  So while I was working on this book and realizing how many things I was saying that some Christians might find offensive, or flat out wrong, I decided I would change things up a little.  I’d say all of the words that I wanted to say, but I’d cleverly hide them in a story that forced them to look at the humanity about which the words are intended.

So instead of me, as the author, saying that I find it hard to believe that God would reject the service of a gay man who honestly believed that God had created him to love other men, those words are spoken by a character.  And throughout the story there are moments of revelation, tenderness and tolerance.  All of it to forward a single message:

The big question isn’t one of sin, it’s one of mission.  It’s one of God’s love.

So pop this subversive little story of gay acceptance and hetero romance on your coffee shop trade table, slide a few editions into your local church’s resources library…  You never know.

A good book can save a life.

Available on CafePress

::For people who want a personalized copy, contact me at linkees@gmail.com- the price for a single book will be $16, including shipping.  Bulk discounts and discounts for books that are to be donated can also be negotiated through me::

15 thoughts on “Honest Conversation: for sale now!

  1. Lindsey – this is awesome! I’ll be buying a few copies tonight when I get home from work. 🙂 Congrats on your first book, I’m sure there are plenty of us that are looking forward to many more from you.


  2. Whoohooo this is AWESOMES!!! You must also upload it onto Amazon they have the same facility as CafePress now, wider spread as well! So proud of you huns, well dones and so wish I could give you a proper grizzly bear hug right now so just picture me reaching through the screen and giving you one!

    Wow Linds this is beyond beyond holy macaroni!

  3. Lindsey: I am just beyond proud and happy for you in this accomplishment. I know that it has been in the works for quite some time, but to know that it now exists is a great feeling indeed……. I will be contacting you for a personalized copy, believe you me!!!!! Sending massive hugs as well…… Vanessa


    Oh, and Amber: *lol* I was actually thinking more about Jesus going into the desert for forty days and being challenged by Satan, but returning victorious.

    Forty days happens a LOT in the Bible.

  5. goldnsilver: Are you asking if I know, or if I’ll tell? Because I do know, and if it breaks the 500 mark I will probably give a victory yell so loud it cracks glass a continent over. 😀

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