God isn’t interested in your comfort

One of the hardest lessons about learning to trust God is not allowing that trust to be broken just because bad things happen.  Time and time again I’ve heard the story, someone leaves an important meeting or job interview or day with the parents or who knows what “in God’s hands” only to get bitterly angry when things don’t go as desired.

“Why didn’t God help me?” Is the cry, “why didn’t God protect me?  Make me successful?”

The short answer?  God isn’t interested in your happiness.  The long answer?

God is interested in giving you good gifts.  The problem is that our human definition of what is good isn’t necessarily the same as God’s divine definition.  While one person may pray for God’s hand on a business meeting expecting that will mean their presentation goes off without a hitch, God may have different plans.  So when the projector doesn’t work and the meeting is stressed and uncomfortable, our human definition of good is challenged.  We want God to protect us- but God wants to make us stronger.

Sometimes we get EXACTLY what we pray for- we just can’t recognize it.

We need to let go of the belief that what is good is what is comfortable.  We need to stop thinking that pain and discomfort are necessarily bad, and that success in God’s eyes is the same as success in earthly terms.  God’s hand of protection sometimes must intervene not to protect us from harm but to protect us from ourselves.  Soemtimes God’s infinite wisdom allows us to fail and allows us to suffer for our own good.

The problem with comfort is that it leads to stagnancy, and stagnancy to death.

So God isn’t really interested in our comfort.

11 thoughts on “God isn’t interested in your comfort

  1. I love your statement “Sometimes we get EXACTLY what we pray for- we just can’t recognize it.” That’s SO incredibly true, and usually we only recognize it once enough time has passed and we’re able to look back and see things more clearly.

    Great post as always.


  2. Jen: Thanks!

    Hayden: *sigh* This is coming at the end of several days of illness that culminated with both me AND my two year old son being up all night last night puking our guts out. Honestly, I wish God WERE a little more interested in my comfort! 😉

  3. What a great post! So true.

    I know I’ve never commented on here before (but in my defense, I JUST came across your blog today)…but it did seem like you were reading my mail with this observation.

    You’re so right that we equate God’s will with our own comfort. Thank goodness that He knows so much better than to always give me what I ask for.

    I just keep telling myself that God’s the director that knows the beginning AND the end of the movie. He knows all the plot twists and miraculous ways that He’ll use situations for my good…even though I only see the scene I’m involved in right now. I just have to trust that what He has scripted is going to work out much better than my panicked prayers & plans in the middle of the crisis.

  4. I think one of the problems with “The Church” is that a lot of the churches (especially the “Seeker Sensative” churches) either point blank tell you that Jesus loves you and all will be well.

    That’s a down right lie. God NEVER promised us a pain free existance. He DOES promise that is we serve Him first and foremost that nothing will come our way that we (He and me or you) can not handle together.

    All too often God gets credit when He had nothing to do with “it”. For example: “OMG, I gave the cashier a ten dollar bill and she gave me change for a twenty! God has surely blessed me!” Well no, the cashier made a mistake and perhaps this is a test of your Christian integrity! You’re stealing. Give it back.

    While at the same time God gets the blame when He was not involved in the situation. For example: “OMG, my girlfriend is pregnant! How could God let this happen, I mean we are using birth control and everything!” Ummmm, not EVERYTHING. Try having sex under a covenantal agreement between your SPOUSE and GOD!

    Another problem I see (all too often, especially with men) is plans are made for great success. Now let’s pray that God will bless our well thought out plans. WRONG!!! Try praying BEFORE you make your plans. Perhaps God has another direction to take you.

    You are so correct Lindsay when you say that “Sometimes we get EXACTLY what we pray for.”

    Just like Job when he said “That which feared most has come upon me.”

    Spend less time in fear and more time in seeking Him.

    On Monday my oldest daughter called and said their son had “taken a turn for the worse.” His pediatrician had called an ambulance to bring him to the emergency room. He had RSV and was eventually diagnosed with Asthma too! It was a rough couple of days but he went home last night. All will be well.

  5. Yes oh yes indeed.

    I like to think of God laughing, “you’re such a loser! I love you!” It makes me feel good, for some reason.

  6. I think we get too caught up in asking for the goals we want. I tend to ask God for the tools I need, the open window to crawl through. I don’t expect my parents to take care of everything in my life; why would I expect that of God who cares for me even more?
    It all goes back to confusing God with a fiary godmother.

  7. Rich: Welcome to my blog! I’ve come to trust that I don’t need to be comfortable or happy. There are more important things, like taking care of each other and praising God regardless of circumstances.

    bridgeout: There are times when it does really hurt- but then I just remember that I didn’t sign up for a life of comfort, I signed up for a life of devotion, and that’s useless if I throw it out the window just because I don’t always get my way.

    mssc54: hear, hear! We need to stop watering down the message and praise God anyway, especially when it hurts!

    I hope your grandson is better by now!

    axexualmystique: Oh, there have been a few times when I was sure God was up there saying, “oh, come on you ditz, I practically spray painted directions and you STILL flubbed it?” But he loves me anyway, he’s cool like that. 😉

    faemom: I’ve learned not to pray for success, but for my own ability to see God’s direction. And I’ve learned never to pray for blessings for myself, but to thank God that whatever happens he will be faithful. And you’re right- people do confuse God with a character from Cinderella. Sheesh!

  8. Thank goodness you’re back, obviously the book is doing well and i’ll get a copy. I hadn’t realized you were back to blogging, silly me.
    I have realized that after spending years on my knees asking for G-d to remove this GID from my heart, if you will; I have accepted that this is what path he has placed before me. I am a happier and loving person, telling my story filled by faith and purpose. If G-d gives you lemons, make lemonade.
    I’ll be a more faithful reader, I all ways look anxiously forward to reading your thought now that I know you are back.

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