Sorry For the Absence

I deeply apoloize for my dropping off the face of the earth for a little bit, there.  As most of you know, in my Real Life I’m a stay at home mom.  Time to work has to be strictly scheduled.  It’s been my custom to get up at the crack of dawn to write, but the last few weeks there’s been a lot of illness in my family and my son hasn’t been sleeping well.  (He may be teething, too, it’s so hard to tell with him.)  So since my Boy has been unable to sleep unless physically connected to me, I haven’t been able to get out of bed and get myself dressed, groomed and ready for the day without him attached to me, and that makes it really hard to get in the right spirit to write.

I’m really trying to find a way around this little issue, but so far none has presented itself.  So as soon as I can get my home life back in functioning order I promise to resume posting.  Until then I’ll just keep posting whenever I can manage to swindle time away from home.  (Which, as the last week has shown, is intermitent and not dependable.)

In other news, I’ll also be gone the entire week of Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Sorry For the Absence

  1. I sure hope that your son will be feeling much better soon! Every Mom needs a little “grown-up time”!! Hoping you will all stay healthy and enjoy the holidays!!

    Look forward to receiving the book when the fog clears for you! 🙂

  2. Lindsey, thanks for the update. Sounds like you have your priorities in order. Sick little ones..throw some teething on top, can make for long draining days emotionally.

  3. Thanks guys! The sickness is thankfully over for the kids, it made the full rounds and is settling on me- but the teething continues. I just hope that he calms down by Saturday, when we fly out to my parents. I’d hate for him to be so cranky and exhausted for the holiday.

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