Book Review: Princess Reads Judy Moody

Sometimes I read books with Princess and then don’t know how to review them afterwards.  This is a bit of an experiment because Princess wants to review books like her godmother Kelly.

Princess says,
All the time, she said “I ate a shark”!  But that funny!  All the chapter are funny!  The story it about Judy.  I see Judy being grumpy.  Sometime girl can feel grumpy!  Right?  I knew to get it from my library.  From school.  And I think it just a happy story!  But it is a kind of funny story.  I know that it also some not funny.  Some might be SILLY!  When they thinking about what it is, it different.  But I fine!  I think it still right.  I think I am fine with that book.

—  This is Lindsey again.  Princess saw this book at the library and had to read it, right away!  She started reading it as we were walking to the car, and her nose stayed buried through the car ride, picking up her sister from day care, back home, unloading the car, and until the book was finished.  (Complete with three times of me going out to the car and telling her to PLEASE come in before she froze to death, because she was sitting in the car in the wind with the door open, oblivious to her surroundings.)  She kept reading for 2 hours straight, which is quite a feat for a 9 year old kiddo.  I haven’t read the book myself, so I can’t really speak to what is in it, but Princess said that she understood the book because sometimes SHE is cranky so it was nice to read about a girl who could be silly when she was cranky.  Alrighty then!

This book kept Princess happy and reading, she seemed able to understand the story, and she was excited to talk about it after she was done.  I give it 5 out of 5 buried noses.